AIS Technology, LLC is no longer part of Kite Technology Group.

Germantown, WI, August 1, 2018- In January of 2016 AIS and Kite announced a merger of their two firms in an attempt to take the size and business strength of Kite and the technical acumen and national brand of AIS and join them into a super firm that would take the Insurance IT Support market by storm.

Shortly after the merger, however, problems began surfacing that became insurmountable.  In the end it was decided that the two firms would be better off apart.

During that process there was some concern that we'd have to leave the AIS brand behind so we started a new brand, Redbird.  We did end up keeping the AIS brand and IP but decided we'd leverage the Redbird name going forward, since we can simply forward any AIS items to Redbird (and it's a cooler name anyway, and easier to spell on the web).


For additional information please call Nick Oliver @ 888.851.9733